How to Thrive in Part-Time Job Interviews

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Part-time work becomes something of a Godsend during times of economic hardship, not least because erstwhile job seekers are desperate to keep their feet firmly grounded in the world of work. It is an entirely different kettle of fish to a full-time role however and as such boasts interviews that have an altogether more relaxed and less intense atmosphere. This does not devalue their importance; however, but simply requires a different mindset for you to succeed.

What Questions Will I Be Asked in a Part-Time Interview?

Aside from the generic questions that permeate full time and part-time interview questions alike, there are some significant examples that apply only to part-time vacancies. The following are core components of the part-time interview, and demand your focus to deliver a quality response:

  • Would you prefer full-time employment to part-time if a job were available?: This question pulls no punches and is designed to assess whether you are keen on part-time work because of your circumstances or because it provides an avenue back into full-time employment. It gives the employer a clearer indication of your motivation to work and long term goals.
  • Do you have any activities that would prevent you from working your schedule?: Part-time jobs often require you to work as part of a team, so employers will want to gauge whether you can commit to the hours of work that you are given. This question helps them to achieve this without addressing your personal circumstances directly.
  • How would you describe the pace at which you work?: With part-time work prominent in busy shops and call centers, there is a clear emphasis on the pace at which you work and whether you can effectively maximize your time. Employers want their part-time staff to be organized and especially efficient in their time management skills.

How to Deliver Your Part-Time Interview Answers

These questions can be challenging if you are used to the bustle of full-time work, and more crucially the interviews which precede the, Consider the following as key to a well thought out response, and answers which can help to take a huge step forward into employment.

  • The key to answering the 1st question is to be entirely honest, both with yourself and a potential employer. Citing your circumstances and motivation for seeking part-time work provides the foundations of open communication in the interview, and leaves the employer confident in the integrity of your application.
  • You must be flexible in your approach to hold down a part-time job, and more importantly, you must take great care to sell this quality during your interview. The nature of part-time work often demands a transition between alternative shifts, so it is important that you relay your commitment to work as and when required.
  • While some of you will be faster and more efficient when it comes to completing physical tasks, others will be better at organizing a workload and its priority in the first place. Both are methods of ensuring a quick and desired pace at work, so emphasize whichever is relevant to you. Adapt the question to suit your strengths, and deliver your answer boldly.

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