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MyTopMatchmaker, a leading matchmaking service currently thriving in Sarasota, and Naples, is offering a once-in-a-lifetime dream job for the right sales professional as we grow and expand in our latest location to open.

Ideal candidates for this rare opportunity have an innate passion for helping others make a lasting connection, and feel confident that their personal relationship histories make them worthy authorities when it comes to matters of the heart.

The ideal candidate will want to learn from top to bottom how to administrate, apply our customer service theories, optimize telecommunications, creative writing skills, and consultation representation.

The title of MatchMaker is an obscurity, no college offers a degree in this ancient skill. However MTM feels it presents a 21st century solution to a 20th century tradition of dating.

The career trajectory at MTM is rapid and full of possibility.

Steps to success on the MTM corporate ladder are:

All “Apprentice MatchMakers” must pass a degree of excellence in these 5 areas:

. Learn all administrative procedures

. Learn all telecommunications procedures

. Learn all customer service procedures

. Learn all free consultation procedures

. Learn how to manage clients

Once a grade of “Exceptional” in all departments is achieved, we ask that you be one thing additionally;

Be open to moving to open a new location of MTM as it’s Location Matchmaker. There we would very much like to see you blossom.

MTM has a rapid expansion plan to scale to 6 corporate locations. Identify key players to then assist in the growth of our franchised brand.

MTM is a hyper-locally focused Matchmaking Agency offering service with a smile, and elevated education on the etiquette of dating, further assisting clients through advice on how to navigate through the muddy waters of initial dating. The work we do for clients is exceptional, we pride ourselves on our constant push to meet the never ending demand of wanting to fall in love.

Being an influencer is an inherent necessity impassioned for advising and guiding clients through their quests for long-lasting love. Being a passionate Executive at MytopMatchmaker requires the persistence of persuasion, the art of building value, and the tenacity to enroll clients relentlessly. Strong personalities with whom the public can easily like and respect succeed in our field. Past experience working in a dating agency with a proven track record of success would be preferred, similar work history in selling intangible services from business to consumer will also be considered. We value experience, but we also value enthusiastic passion in equal variants.

Sales Tasks will include.

.Contacting free consultation inquiries and scheduling those inquiries for a consultation.

.Confirming free consultations.

.Reporting accurate lead conversion information.

.Meeting with potential clients in their free consultation, discovering life history with potential clients

.Performing proprietary screening methods.

.Explaining the detailed benefits of Mytopmatchmaker representation.

.Enrolling clients at acceptable rates of client acquisition goals set forth by MTM corp.

.Matchmaking duties include composing accurately written “Introduction descriptions” of each client enrolled. Descriptions are to include an accurate representation of the facial features of clients, work history, education history, what information was written down and signed as usable material, and all the notes taken during the consultation.

.The client needs to be promoted in hers/his best interests as evidenced and represented in matters of the heart.

.Email/Call clients with their new introductions.

.Choosing locations for clients to meet each other, scheduling those dates, and doing follow up work to confirm attendance.

.Meeting revenue goals, and client acquisition goals.

.Following up with all potential leads, and consultations.

MTM’s Matchmaker Apprenticeship qualities must include the aforementioned below:

Detail oriented.




Can’t help but be a romantic

Want to see clients connected

Come from a good background

A personality that shines.

Wanting a change in you’re life

Looking for purpose in you’re work

Wanting to be led to a greater achievement in life.

Wants to truly truly be an Exceptional Matchmaker.

Background checks and drug tests must be conducted before we can consider popping the question.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $40,000.00 to $250,000.00 /year


  • Sales: 5 years (Required)


  • The Villages, FL (Required)


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