Materials Manager

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The Materials Manager is responsible and accountable for the quality, safety, and productivity of the department and will collaborate with Finance, Purchasing,Manufacturing, Engineering, Sales,Marketing and Quality to ensure the achievement of departmental goals. Responsible to manage all aspects of material flow and to maintain control and accuracy over all inventories. This will include transactional accuracy for all planning, scheduling, costing, warehouse, receiving, and shipping functions to ensure customer orders are fulfilled on time.

  • Manage employee talent and development. Coordinate performance reviews, recruitment/hiring, technical training, salary adjustments, corrective actions, and employee relations. Maintain results through coaching, counseling of staff, and setting meaningful and measurable goals. Provide growth, training,and development opportunities to employees.
  • Establishes and supervises production scheduling activities by monitoring backlog, inventory analysis, tracking progress of production, and reviewing factors that affect schedules.
  • Responds to individual requests from within the company to meet specific customer requirements, many with short lead time to complete.
  • Manage the distribution and logistics functions including shipping, receiving, warehouse operations,and freight.
  • Performs analysis of customer demand and historical material usage to develop and execute stocking plans to support aftermarket operations.
  • Plan, execute, monitor, and report results of annual physical inventory.
  • Prepare and maintain materials budget and expenditures to support departmental activities.
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment by implementing,maintaining, and aligning company polices that adhere to HSE guidelines and regulations.


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