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Job Title: Bicycle Shop Manager & Sales

Adventure Electric Bicycles, 2800 Forestwood Dr, STE 116. Arlington, TX 76006

Hours: 10:00AM – 6:00PM TUESDAY-SATURDAY

Phone: 972-877-5310 or 972-641-7771

The Store Manager is responsible for all operations including oversight of the sales floor, repair shop, marketing, accounting and reporting to Owner.

Compensation: $30K plus, monthly bonus based on bikes sold.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Contribute in multiple roles including sales and repair
  • Monitor and maintain employee efficiency
  • Schedules, sales and repair
  • Review inventory, pricing and modify according to current policy.
  • Inform employees of new policies and procedures and ensure that current policies and procedures are being followed

Adopt and practice our informational, no pressure sales processes

  • Maintain warranty policies and procedures
  • Provide exemplary customer service
  • Delegate jobs and responsibilities to employees as appropriate
  • Manage & document employee training
  • Promote open communication between sales and service departments
  • Maintain positive environment for customers and employees
  • Provide an atmosphere of organization and cleanliness throughout the store
  • Assist in creating sales material, names of sales, dates of sales, what products are on sale and what price,
  • Responsible for local outreach to neighboring businesses, coordinated with marketing
  • Responsible for inventory preparation and management including current cycle counts
  • Education/Experience: Minimum of 2 years retail management experience.

Skills and Traits:

  • Good Character, Enthusiasm, Confidence, Resourcefulness
  • Strong Organizational traits and record keeping skills
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Leadership and team working skills
  • Basic bicycle knowledge and repair skills helpful

Available shifts and compensation: We have available shifts all days of the week. Compensation is $15.00 – $25.00/hour.

About Adventure Electric Bicycles: At Adventure Electric Bicycles, we represent the very best high-quality electric bicycle brands, which are built with care, precision, proven components, materials and high quality control standards. Learn more about us at https://adventureelectric.bike/.

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