Customer Sales Associate – 412

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The Customer Sales Associate reports to the Manager

Review the job description of the requirements for this position before clicking “Apply for this position” to start an application. You may click “Back to job list” to go back and select a different position or store.

The personality traits, duties, and capabilities described below are designed to provide applicants and employees with enough information regarding the actual job duties (both physical and mental) of the position described so individuals can decide if they are qualified to adequately perform such responsibilities. This list is intended to summarize the kinds of duties the Company has identified as “essential” for the position described but, does not constitute all of the activities and responsibilities that are assigned to the position. This Job Description may be modified from time to time as required to meet business necessity, with or without consent of or advance notice to employees.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: The successful candidate will:

  • Have the ability to communicate orally and in writing in the English language.
  • Have the ability to work an assigned schedule.
  • Be legally eligible to work in the United States.
  • Have reliable transportation to and from work.

WILLINGNESS TO: The successful candidate will:

  • Be willing to ask customers if they are interested in purchasing additional items (“suggestive” or “plus” selling).
  • Be professional, friendly and helpful to customers, vendors, and other employees.
  • Follow Company policies, as well as comply with all Federal and State laws.
  • Work alone or with others with minimal direction and follow directions on work to be accomplished.

MENTAL CAPABILITIES: The successful candidate will be able to:

  • Efficiently ring up all sales on a Point of Sale system and properly account for all cash or other forms of payment for products sold, including providing proper change to customers.
  • Accurately prepare the daily paperwork and handle lottery, money order, money transfer and other types of retail transactions.

PHYSICAL ABILITY REQUIREMENTS: The successful candidate will:

  • Be exposed to cold and hot temperature extremes in the walk-in cooler, freezer and/or outdoors.
  • Be able to stand, stoop and/or walk for an entire shift and be able to bend at the waist with some twisting,
  • Be able to clean interior/exterior areas (trash disposal, bathrooms, spill, etc.).
  • Be able to reach, grasp and manipulate objects with hands continuously throughout the day.
  • Be able to climb a ladder on occasion to store or retrieve materials or to hang signage.
  • Be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds from ground to waist on occasion.
  • Be able to routinely lift and carry up to 30 pounds from ground to overhead (stock shelves, cooler, etc.).
  • Be able to push and pull with arms at a force of up to 20 pounds (mopping, using hand truck, etc.).

OPERATION OF EQUIPMENT: The successful candidate will be able to:

  • Efficiently utilize all equipment in the store (POS system, Fuel Tanks and Dispensers, etc.).
  • Maintain property and equipment to ensure customers and employees have a safe environment in which to work and shop.
  • Follow all Company Safety and Loss Prevention procedures including wearing appropriate safety equipment.


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