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Updated 4 days ago

Hi Cooper,
This thread is amazing, it was so nice to read some fantastic and honest comments.
I am taking up on your offer Cooper, writing back…


Updated 10 days ago


Vacation and holidays are NOT the most important things to consider when changing jobs.

How long have you been with the school…


Updated 24 days ago

Thanks for the info, Cynthia!


Updated 1 month ago

[QUOTE who=”JoJo in Reynoldsburg, Ohio”]Condensation?? Really?? Could this maybe be the reason you don’t get the respect you think you deserve and…

healthadminA2 in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Updated 1 month ago

I am currently going to school for my Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration. I have no experience in Administration work but I am a fast learner. I…

Shiaza in London, United Kingdom

Updated 1 month ago

I am so sick of being an admin assist, it is the worst job. You deal with years and years of working for pompous asses only to be layed off or fired…

Neutrino in Wilmington, North Carolina

Updated 2 months ago

Hello everyone,
I am a 28 year old Army Veteran who was just Honorably Discharged from the military after 8 years. I worked in the Human Resources…

SandorSansa in Northampton, Pennsylvania

Updated 2 months ago

Is anyone else finding that once you’ve worked in administrative and clerical positions, that’s all employers see you as – no matter what your other…

Digison08 in Sanford, Maine

Hi my only experience is being a cook for nursing facilities. I want to do office work now. Sick of cooking.
So i’m not sure where to start and what…

TeaandFlowers in Grand Prairie, Texas

Updated 4 months ago

Why is a college degree needed to be a secretary/receptionist/typist? What ever happened to life experience and good old fashioned common sense? I…

KimPeck69 in Alabama

Updated 4 months ago


what are the goals of a admin assistant?

Greg62CA in Lake Forest, California

Updated 7 months ago

I I find it more diffucult to find work because I am 55 years old work

nmk80 in Arlington, Massachusetts

Updated 7 months ago

I worked as an administrative assistant for 8 years until I had an almost life ending car accident in 2002. I have recovered almost completely, but…

tyokay28 in Owings Mills, Maryland

Updated 8 months ago

I am working as administrative assistant for 2 years at this company.
My office is small only 5 people are working here.

Well, pretty much I have…


Updated 9 months ago

yup, there are some deranged people commenting here. kinda like your auntie lynn who warned you that all guys are rapists when you asked about…

Judy Goodley in Santa Maria, California

Updated 11 months ago

Okay, I’m in my 50’s, actually 57 and been an admin for 10+ years except temping that last 2 years.

Now going out for an interview and getting…

Judy Goodley in Santa Maria, California

Updated 11 months ago

I recently went on an interview for a position that I thought I was a good fit for. This was through an employment agency. When I called the agency…

Nana in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 11 months ago

I have been with a company for about 4 months now. I was hired as an Admin. Assistant, my ‘official title’ to those outside the company ranges from…

MatchaLatte in Santa Cruz, California

I am a fresh graduate, new entry to career, and beginning my third month in my job as a Admin Assistant / Marketing Coordinator. Its just a small…

2Legit in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 15 months ago

I’ve been working in the legal secretary or legal admin field for close to 20 years. I have absolutely nothing to show for it except a lot of bad…

Anonymous in Des Plaines, Illinois

Do you hate your administrative assistant job? Do you hate working for an unorganized manger and a lot of bullies? If you do feel this way, have…

LIGHTHOUSE1261 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Our company has had a major lay off and will be closing our office in the near future. We do not know if we will come in tomorrow and be told to…

victorec1970 in Whitecourt, Alberta

Updated 22 months ago

I am posting a summary of my resume. I cannot find a job with it and I am hoping someone can offer up advice.

Brandi S.

[email protected]*****.*** in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 23 months ago

Working for company 1-3/4 yrs as admin asst in title, but do the work of an Ofc Mgr and then there is the physical work setting up meetings. My…

Shingami in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 25 months ago

Hello – I wanted to post and hopefully encourage some of you. Although I haven’t completely left administrative work, I went back and got my…

AtExit8 in City, New Jersey

Updated 26 months ago

How to get hired with no experience as an Administrative Assistant? Where do I start to look for jobs?

What if you don’t know how to use excel…

Syltre in Norfolk, Virginia

Updated 26 months ago


I will be graduating within a year with a BS in business management and I am interested in gaining some administrative experience. I have…

meghanin in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin

I am a student nearing graduation in the Administrative Professional associate degree program at Moraine Park Technical College in Wisconsin. I am…

Chris91 in Eagle, Wisconsin

Hello. I thought I would type out my situation on here and maybe see if anyone could offer any advice for me. Back in 2010, I graduated from high…

bonqt1 in Normal, Illinois

I was so glad to find this thread! I have been doing clerical/administrative work for 40 years, and talk about being sick of it! Trust me, it gets no…

aqtaka in San Jose, California

I’m currently at a point in my life where I’m leaving my LVN job and trying to find another career. I enjoyed the administrative part of my nursing…

Ceciliaa in Calgary

Updated 32 months ago

After 11 years of supporting one executive at one company, I’m now searching for a new position. I have a list of questions to ask a potential…

Stephanie Grams in Canton, Ohio

I’m pulling my hair out trying to find a full-time nonprofit position in the Stark County, Ohio area and/or within 20 miles in any direction. I have…

Nalda Jones in Deerfield Beach, Florida

Updated 40 months ago

I came to united States a year ago I am a legal resident, I have a degree in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing,I have…

Georgia in San Diego, California

Updated 41 months ago

I quit my job as an office girl for the last time last year and started my own business. After eight years on and off working my way up from…

mona in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 43 months ago

Why is it so hard to find a position in the state of Georgia!

mona in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 43 months ago

I’m just wondering about this, because I have had bad experiences where someone would request my resume in Word format, and then literally ‘steal’ my…

kodraper in Bronx, New York

Updated 47 months ago

I am a 61 year old swf and was laid off my job of 5 years over a year ago. Shortly after they hired about 8 younger ladies, one of which was doing…

uberlurker1 in Everywhere

Updated 47 months ago

I have recently decided to make a career change. I am currently a highschool teacher and have decided that being an administrative assistant is more…

Oldschoolmelody in Sacramento, California

Updated 47 months ago

I’ve heard many times that I should keep a log or journal of whatever my boss communicates to me as well as anything else that may need to be…

Oldschoolmelody in Sacramento, California

Hello, I’ve been a Admin 15 yrs. I’ve worked for companies that were so bad, so brainwashing that I hated every second but on the flip side the last…

Erica B in Newark, New Jersey

Elizebeth in Bedford, New Hampshire

Updated 48 months ago

Do not go to Bonney Staffing and waste your time. They AGE DISCRIMATE BIG TIME. Have had nothing but excuses from them as to why they will not…

forenzavue in Fort Wayne, Indiana

I was previously employed as an Executive Assistant/Transcriptionist at a mental health facility for 19 years, then I resigned in 2012 to become a…

Alyson in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 50 months ago

I’ve studied special education at BGSU for 3 years but I got my degree in individualized studies. What are some good opportunities (besides teaching)…

Alyson in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 51 months ago

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where and who I would go to for ideas of changing what a do for a living. After working as a legal assistant…

Angela in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 51 months ago

Hey everyone,

I’ve read alot of the posts on here and you guys always give great advice. Im hoping someone on here can guide me in the right…

Indeed not in Indiana, Indiana

Updated 52 months ago

Got another rejection…this time from one of the hospitals on one of the 11 positions for which I applied. These rejections are getting old REAL…

Joe Gagill1 in Key West, Florida

Updated 52 months ago

I am in my early 40s with 20+ years’ experience as a medical transcriptionist and admin assistant. I also earned an Associate’s degree in 1992 in the…

TigerLily in Brook Park, Ohio

Applied for adminsitrative position, was offered a housekeeping job…
I have several years of administrative experience and recently graduated from…

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