12 winning tips for a powerful CV

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Let’s think about this. Why are you thinking of writing a CV? What message do you want to get across?

You need to make a good strong first impression, and you need to show your reader that you have substantial knowledge, relevant experience, and pertinent achievements. You also need some quick wins and reminders that can make the CV just that bit better.

1. REMEMBER Your CV does not get you the job; it needs to get you INTERVIEWS. Concentrate on positive and powerful language, focus on achievements and detail actual results.

2. Write a succinct Personal Statement or Profile that ties your experience in with the role you are applying for.

3. Do not overload your CV with personal details, hobbies, or interests that are unnecessary information. Only include information that is relevant.

4. Add keywords to your CV that are relevant to the work you have done and that you are seeking – your online CV needs to be search engine friendly for recruiters.

5. Do not include a photograph unless you are applying for a modeling job or have been requested to include one.

6. CVs need to be concise, relevant, and to the point. Do not bore your recruiter with long-winded sentences; use bullet points and power phrases

7. Tailor your CV to different jobs and give yourself the opportunity of demonstrating different skills and knowledge when required

8. If you are printing your CV and sending a letter, ensure that you use the best white A4 paper possible. Make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct. The presentation should be excellent.

9. If you are posting your CV online, avoid using a table format, and again make sure that there is a good use of white space and that the document is presentable.

10. Avoid leaving gaps in your career history. Recruiters often think the worst when there are omissions so ensure that you can explain career breaks.

11. Make sure your CV is up to date and if you do not job searching now, just remember to add in the training and development you are completing, so it is not forgotten.

12. Be truthful at all times.

Good luck

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